Home of Grace is a day care service with an emphasis on health & education for children, whose families cannot provide them with proper care right now as they are economically backward and are daily wage earners or domestic helps. These families, for a variety of reasons, have found themselves in desperate situations. The child cannot be sent to school as yet, fed properly since the parents earn meagre salaries / wages. At Home of Grace we believe that a smaller family-like environment best enables children to overcome past difficulties and achieve their potential. The project is managed by an experienced Director, administrator & care workers who has over 10 years’ experience in this field, along with other staff who have worked for many a year in projects like this. Volunteers team come from other countries to volunteer their time with these underprivileged children. The emotional support afforded by a small tightly-knit unit, as well as activities that enable the children to gain confidence and exposure to a high level of intellectual stimulation enables them to settle down. Every day we are impressed by the huge strides they are making, and we believe that one day these children will serve their country at the highest level. Even their health parameters progress positively every month. These are monitored by our visiting medical officer. Our children are from underprivileged backgrounds and their families have experienced difficulties providing a comfortable home for them. The families have asked for help to take care of the children and provide them with a basic preschool education. There are regular Parent Staff meetings held every month as well to discuss various issues and topics. Some of them are still too small or not ready for school, but they have their own teacher who comes every morning to conduct a Montessori class. One hour everyday they play with block building games and other exciting manual activities which leave them literally exhausted. They have a fully deserved nap every day; they have the time to recover. The children are also taught yoga, have exercise sessions and general prayer sessions as well. A lot of focus is given to their health condition & hygiene. They are also provided three healthy nutritious meals in the day.


There are a large number of under privileged communities struggling to survive in flimsy make-shift shelters which offer only minimal protection against the harsh climatic conditions in Delhi. Disease is rife and this is exacerbated by severe malnutrition. Children, like their parents, have little or no opportunities for education and many spend their days scavenging and aimlessly roaming the streets. Hand2Hand Home of Grace’s mission is to help the Under Privileged Children and their communities in New Delhi achieve a secure and sustainable future by addressing the root causes of their poverty and ill-health through a range of education and health-based projects currently being done at the operational Day Care Center in Nebsarai, New Delhi. Hand2Hand currently is a day care service for children, who are economically backward and children of daily wage earners or domestic helps.


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